Group Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance Plans

Securing a group travel insurance plan is a prudent choice, as this policy protects your group against unexpected events including trip cancellation and interruption, emergency evacuation, health expenses, medical evacuation, and more. A group travel medical insurance plan also offers cost savings as the quoted premiums are group rates that are cheaper than the individual rates for the same plan. A group travel health insurance includes the features and coverage benefits to protect and safeguard your health and trip investment, and is ideally suited for groups of student, religious members, class reunions, sports team, or other business/leisure groups.

Atlas Group Travel Insurance

Atlas Group Travel Insurance plan is an ideal solution for groups of 5 or more people who are traveling to USA or any foreign country. The Atlas group travel medical insurance comes with the group rate discount, and meets the need for groups of five or more travelers going abroad.

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Patriot Group Travel Insurance

Patriot Group Travel Insurance plan offerings are available for groups of 5 or more individuals who travel or reside short-term outside their home country as a group. Many plan choices are available offering a wide range of benefits and meets the needs of families traveling together, student groups, missionary or church groups, business travelers and more.

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