Group Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance

Group travel insurance provides travel medical protection for groups of individuals visiting USA or traveling internationally, with coverage included in a single master policy. The group travel insurance plan provides health expense, medical emergency, accident and sickness coverage, with many trip insurance features included also.

Review, quote and buy group travel insurance to receive travel medical and visitor health coverage for your family or any group visiting USA or traveling abroad to any foreign international destination country.

Group Travel Medical Insurance

All the eligible insured in the group are covered by a single group travel medical insurance that is easy to quote, apply, and instantly purchase online. A group travel plan is a guaranteed issue policy and is ideal for business employees, missionaries, students, summer interns, student groups, company trainees, and other individuals, families or other travelers who are part of a group.

Group Travel Health Insurance

Buying a group travel health insurance has the advantage of discounted group rates when compared to the same individual policy. These plans typically cover all the individuals included in the group master policy for sickness/accident benefits along with many travel insurance features, when the group is traveling outside home country to America or visiting any foreign destination for a short-term duration.

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